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Fire Features

Enjoy a cozy evening warming yourself by one of our custom outdoor fireplaces, built to suit your backyard. Created with Unilock pavers, 3D's Landscapes, Inc. has a wide range of design flexibility for your new fire pit or fireplace. Choose from a variety shapes and colors for a truly unique design. In addition to their stylish looks, Unilock is a durable brand with a 50+ year life expectancy and minimal upkeep.

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Water Features

Make a splash with a custom water feature from 3D's Landscapes Inc.. The soft sounds of flowing water will bring a tranquil, soothing ambiance to your outdoor living area. From a natural stone creek to a sleek, modern waterfall created with pavers, the possibilities are endless. Talk to one of our designers about adding one of our visually stunning custom water features to your backyard.



Unlike your typical porch covering, pergolas are lighter and allow sunlight to filter through. They add a graceful, architectural character to your patio or garden. With a variety of styles and materials, the design possibilities are endless. Here at 3D's Landscapes Inc., we’ll use our experience as pergola contractors to help you find the right design that suits your home’s exterior.

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Decorative Patios

Patios are the perfect spot to relax outdoors during the warmer months in Chicago. Make the most out of your backyard with an inspired design by the expert brick patio contractors of 3D's Landscapes Inc. We are an authorized Unilock contractor. From rustic stone-like pavers to those that take on the appearance of natural brick, the beauty of pavers adds value and visual appeal to any property. So don’t wait – we offer complete hardscape design and installation services that are sure to surpass your expectations.


Driveway Creations

Looking to add some curb appeal to your home? 3D's Landscapes Inc. specializes in designing attractive brick and concrete paved driveways. We are one of the very few brick driveway paving companies in the area that guarantees a 3 year warranty on our work. Be sure to check out our brick paving process and see how we go above and beyond to insure that the integrity of driveway remains sound long after the initial installation.

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Retaining Walls

Make your home stand out with that curb appeal you’ve been looking for. 3D's Landscapes Inc. offers various options for landscape renovations including brick landscaping for entryways, walkways and retaining walls. After receiving a free estimate from us, our design experts will take your needs and goals into consideration, drafting a 3D model of what your completed landscaping project will look like. We incorporate unique elements into the design. From water features to flourishing shrubs and flowers, each component is arranged to seamlessly integrate with the architecture and style of your home. Whether your project is big or small, you can always decorate your life with 3D's Landscapes Inc.!


Outdoor Bars & Grills

Take your summer barbecue parties to the next level with an outdoor kitchen custom made by 3D's Landscapes Inc. An open-air cooking area is perfect for culinary aficionados who wants all the amenities of a traditional kitchen conveniently arrange for outdoor entertaining. From lavish granite countertops to conveniently installed miniature refrigerators, our design team will make sure the design seamlessly integrates with your home’s architecture and landscape.

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Lawn Maintenance


At 3D's Landscape Inc., we know that a well-maintained landscape will preserve the appearance and health of your lawn for years to come.


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Snow Management


We offer snow and ice management for commercial properties 24/7 from November 15 to April 15.

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